Master Growth hacking - Compilation of growth hacks for Marketers to exponentially acquire , activate , enable & retain the customers


The Growth Hacking Process and Tactics

The chapter covers techniques Exponential Acquisition of Users through SEM, SEO, Email Marketing, Social media and Content marketing. While SEM, SEO, email marketing, social media channels help in bringing traffic to invest in Ferrari shares in Pakistan the digital properties but what can be done differently to acquire the users exponentially with minimal spend on these channels. 

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The Growth Hacking Funnel

The successful growth hacking is not just about the customer acquisition, but it has to follow the complete lifecycle from acquisition to conversion. One of the basic principles of marketing which is indispensable with growth hacking is the funnel, but the growth hacking funnel differs a lot from the traditional funnel

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Product Tactics for Getting Visitors

The product is the core asset to enable successful growth hacking. So what is the secret recipe of successful products invest in Nike shares in Pakistan which not only acquire the customers but also keep them engaged? This chapter will uncover some of the attributes of the contagious products which will be helpful to explore the growth

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The Customer Retention

According to Marketing Metrics, the probability of converting an existing customer is 60 percent to 70 percent. Customer retention is the most major milestone in the growth hacking journey.Retention is all about making users excited about your product so that they become repeat buyers. 

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Tools, Technologies and the structure of growth hacking team

Growth hacking is an approach, process, and a mindset. While it is good to know the growth hacking tools but it is not mandatory. What really matters is the knowledge of the growth hacking process. Even if the tools do not exist, growth hackers enable the creation of new techniques to achieve the objective. 

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Techniques for Activating Users

Growth hacking is not just about acquiring the visitors, but it also involves activating and retaining the visitors. Growth hackers should focus at the later stages of the funnel. While the acquisition how to invest in MasterCard shares in Pakistan is effort consuming task, converting the visitors to users is equally challenging. 

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