Chapter 5 - Incorporate Growth Hacking into Product Development.


Product Tactics for Getting Visitors

People [who are] thinking about things other than making the best product, never make the best product”

— Phil Libin

Any great entrepreneur will focus on providing great product experience first time as it is impossible to acquire a user the second time. The product is the core asset to enable successful growth hacking. So what is the secret recipe of successful products which not only acquire the customers but also keep them engaged? This chapter will uncover some of the attributes of the contagious products which will be helpful to explore the growth.

This chapter uncovers the need of incremental approach for creation of the product. Good products are not created overnight. The development of successful products is a journey. Companies crawl towards the creation of what marketers call minimum viable product (MVP). Great products have evolved over time. Airbnb is a perfect example of this. It started as and the idea was to rent the room along with breakfast. But the founders were smart and did not force to use the same proposition throughout.

In addition to the practical and instructional advice of creating  minimum viable product, the chapter highlights the other tactics for building great products including following

•                Working backward

•                Providing the personalized experience

•                Establishing the rewarding effect

•                Turn the usage into habits