Chapter 6 -Techniques for Activating Users

“First Google built a superior product. Then it built excitement by making it invite-only. And by steadily increasing the number of invites allowed to its existing user base, Gmail spread from person to person until it became the most popular, and in many ways the best, free e-mail service. Enormous” ―

 Ryan Holiday


While the acquisition is effort consuming task, activation and converting the visitors to users is equally challenging. Growth hackers should provide the platform to the visitor and enable them to achieve their goals. Growth hackers should enable faster conversion of visitor’s goal. For example, if the visitor is coming to an e-commerce website to purchase a specific mobile phone then the website should enable the visitors to take an informed decision. Factors which can enable visitors to decide about mobile phone includes detailed configuration of the mobile, delivery dates, other buyers’ feedback and more.


The chapter “Techniques for Activating Users” is a handy guide to activating the users. This chapter outlines ways to some of the frugal ways of engaging the on-boarded users. Unarguably, these steps are highly essential for any growth hacking initiative.

 Authors suggest certain best practices for the readers to enable the audience and provide them self-help tools.  The chapter also uncovers the physiological tricks to activate the audience

The chapter emphasizes the need for communicating the value of product clearly to various cost-effective techniques.  This chapter is a complete guide to ensure that your product achieves high engagement and there is a minimum drop out.