Chapter 4 - The Growth Hacking Funnel

“Growth hacking is not anti-marketing, it is the evolution of marketing, it is pro-growth”  Sean Ellis

Every customer is unique, and they follow different journey while purchasing the product or service, therefore the growth hacking funnel should very well define all the progression paths and enable the customers throughout their purchase cycle.

Stage 1: Like the traditional marketing funnel, the growth hacking also starts with the acquisition of users.

Stage 2: During this stage, the Growth hacker will crawl towards the creation of what marketers call minimum viable product (MVP) which fulfills the basic requirements of the customers and will release the advanced features only after taking customers’ feedback.

Stage 3: Customer may drop from the journey/funnel and do not sign up for the product or service. This stage explains how to reacquire those users.

Stage 4: Customers who have already started using the products get habitual to the product. And for this, the growth hacker has to immerse these customers into the product so that they feel challenged and unproductive without it.

Stage 5: During this stage, the growth hacker needs to come up with the innovative ways to enable the existing customers to refer the product to their friends and family.

Stage 6: During this stage of growth hacking funnel is revenue generation stage when the user becomes a paying customer, and the real money starts coming in