Chapter 8 - Tools, Technologies and the structure of growth hacking team


Growth Hacking is more of a mind-set than a tool kit – Aaron Ginn

Growth hacking is an approach, process, and a mindset. While it is good to know the growth hacking tools but it is not mandatory. What really matters is the knowledge of the growth hacking process. Even if the tools do not exist, growth hackers enable the creation of new techniques to achieve the objective. Further, using too many tools also makes the landscape complex so it is always advisable to use an optimal number of tools which enable the growth hackers to meet their objective. The chapter – Customer Retention - offers to its readers the above and more on the importance of Customer retention using various effective techniques.


Page after page of insightful content, the chapter outlines step by step how to find leverage some of best growth hacking tools to enable your growth journey. Authors suggest certain best practices for the readers to leverage the ecosystem of various tools & technologies.

Apart from growth hacking tools, the chapter also explains how to create a winning growth hacking team.  Author emphasis on the idea that Growth is the responsibility of EVERYONE in the Company. In order to achieve the goals, everyone within the team understands and appreciate their roles.  

The chapter outlines some of the outstanding ways to structure the growth team. Structure of the team is dependent on the type of the business, the life cycle of the organization, its goals. The goals can be the creation of the core product, acquiring the audience and enable them to experience the product’s core value as early as possible.