Learn about the Master Growth Hacking book

About the Book

Growth Hacking is not an elemental discipline – it is a compound of many practices, optimized and synergized to build a comprehensive strategy for rapid growth. Digital plays a key role in it but it goes much beyond open rates and click throughs, as we would see in subsequent chapters. Similarly, the concept of virality- the ability to spread and inspire action is well entrenched as is the mission of customer interaction and feedback. It holds tremendous potential for any business.

“Master growth Hacking” is the book written by Apurva Chamaria, Head of Corporate Marketing at HCL Technologies and Gaurav Kakkar, Head of Digital Marketing at HCL Technologies. The book the various Tools and techniques related to growth hacking. The book answers why’s, how’s, do’s and don’ts of Growth Hacking. The book contains real-world examples and relevant information which compels you to understand and acknowledge the importance of Growth Hacking.

Apurva and Gaurav present the history of growth hacking process and how various global organizations have leveraged growth hacking during early days. Marketers leverage various platforms like SEM, SEO, email marketing, social media channels but what can be done differently to acquire the users exponentially with minimal spend on these channels. This has been covered in detail in the chapter “The Growth Hacking Process and Tactics: Exponential Acquisition of Users through SEM, SEO, Email Marketing, Social media and Content marketing”

Every customer is unique, and they follow different journey while purchasing the product or service, therefore the growth hacking funnel should very well define all the progression paths and enable the customers throughout their purchase cycle. Growth hacking funnel differs from the traditional marketing funnels. Find out more details in The Growth Hacking Funnel chapter.


Growth hacking emphasis on iterative product development using user’s feedback. The chapter Product Tactics for Getting Visitors covers in detail about:

·       Minimum viable product

·       Working backwards

·       Providing the personalized experience

·       Establishing the rewarding effect

·       Turn the usage into habits


It is more important to retain the customer as compared to acquiring them. Find out more details about activating, acquiring and retaining through various tools and techniques which are covered in chapter 6 – Techniques for activation users,  Chapter 7 – customer retention and  Chapter 8 Tools, Technologies and the structure of growth hacking team

Master growth hacking book has a lot of informative and engaging research, pictorial examples, it is a straightforward book that strikes a chord with each and every reader – a beginner or a pro. Master growth hacking is surely a smart marketer’s reference guide in the new age of marketing.